E-Space is committed to: 

Being the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) partner to the planet and working with companies, governments and communities to measure, monitor and protect our planet as part of proper ESG protocols.

Keeping space clean for generations to come. In fact, sustainability is built into the core of our system design. We are building the only system resilient enough to withstand a calamity in space and sustainable enough to avoid one.

Driving the space industry toward a safer overall space-system design, which includes spacecraft capture and responsible de-orbiting of space debris, low mass and small cross sections.

Our 6 tenets of Responsible Spacecraft Design:


In an electronics failure, E-Space satellites will automatically de-orbit because they require active stabilization to stay in orbit.

100% demise

Burn up on re-entry with no components falling back to Earth.

Small cross-sections

E-Space satellites offer small cross-sections to maximize avoidance of space debris.

Low mass

E-Space satellites have an ultra-low mass to avoid creating space debris.

No component release

In the event of a collision, E-Sace satellites are designed not to release any components, which would become space debris.

Entrain and de-orbit

E-Space satellites are designed to capture an object with which they collide and then sacrificially de-orbit.

The ESG partner to the planet.

Data captured from our billions of devices around the world can provide insights into humanity's impact on oceans, rivers, polar and glacial ice, wildlife and forests. This unprecedented amount of real-time data will help drive clear decisions on how governments, companies and people can participate in ESG programs to protect and save our planet.

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