Universal space access and communications equality

We firmly believe the opportunity to access space should not be limited to the wealthiest countries, companies or people. In fact, we see satellites are the great space equalizer due to their ability to reach across the planet. But to offer universal accessibility, the cost of space entry must be lowered.  We’re focused on democratizing space and empowering governments, businesses and communities around the world to harness the power of space —with minimal local expertise — and for significantly less cost when compared to other LEO systems.

“The current geopolitical environment is driving a need for sovereignty and autonomy, with many governments fearing a scenario whereby a foreign country can ‘digitally switch-off’ their economy. At E-Space, we are able to develop sovereign constellations which will be built, launched and initially operated by E-Space before being turned over to the governments themselves to securely manage and operate.”

Greg Wyler

E-Space Founder, Chairman & CEO

We are focused on:

Developing Constellations as a Service (CaaS) – cost-efficient sovereign constellations built, launched and initially operated by E-Space before being delivered to governments to operate themselves.

Providing the first commercially available federated space system that will dynamically extend LEO capacity across systems and applications.

Offering a multi-app cloud server in space to enable quick, space-based application development in a capital-light manner.

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