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As E-Space prepares to launch a global satellite constellation, managing relationships around the world to implement its network is crucial to the company’s success. In Asia, Renuka Rajaratnam is the newest member of the E-Space global affairs team, working on regulatory issues and market access from her home in Singapore.

Rajaratnam joins E-Space from Meta Platforms, where she was responsible for engaging with governments to ensure the successful deployment of Meta's infrastructure projects and connectivity initiatives in Asia.  

“I was also responsible for driving the regional strategy to secure access to license-exempt spectrum for Meta's virtual reality hardware in Asia-Pacific (APAC),” she says.  

Prior to Meta, she worked as a government relations consultant at Access Partnership, where she advised clients on a wide range of technology policy issues, including spectrum allocation.

The Singapore native started out as an economist after getting her BA in Economics at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and a Master of Science degree in financial economics at Cardiff University in the UK.  

After several years in the banking sector, she says she was ready for a change from analyzing data and economic plans for more opportunities working directly on activities to impact a business’s bottom line.  

“I moved to a startup, where I had the opportunity to dive into modeling work to create sales optimizations, which I found really fascinating,” she says.

After being involved with more technology companies as a consultant, Rajaratnam started learning about the world of spectrum — the highly regulated digital highway that wireless communications depend upon.

“I found I had a real affinity for it, and I also discovered that it’s a highly collegial, very niche part of the technology arena that’s full of very warm and welcoming people,” she says.  

“I am thrilled to join Team E-Space and drive the expansion of our presence in Asia. I have always been captivated by the wonders of space and the advancements in satellite technology, and I am particularly inspired by the crucial role that satellite communication plays in eliminating the digital divide.”

Amy Mehlman, Vice President of Global Affairs and Stakeholder Relations at E-Space, says Rajaratnam is a valuable member of the team.

“Renuka is a seasoned professional who brings instant credibility on behalf of E-Space in the APAC region,” Mehlman says. “Her knowledge and experience working on satellite spectrum, alongside her expertise in regulatory affairs will help us tremendously as we grow our presence in the area.”

Compared with other satellite companies focused on providing broadband service, E-Space is focused on mid-band connectivity solutions to power advanced Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Rajaratnam says it’s an exciting challenge to meet with government officials and explain to them the many benefits of the technology.

“It depends on which country you’re talking to, of course, but overall there’s a great deal of interest in connected, Smart-IoT devices that can do so much for things like climate monitoring, emergency communications, asset tracking, traffic management and agricultural and industrial applications,” she says. “For example, there is enormous demand for data-driven solutions that can help understand and better manage climate change. E-Space has a solution, and the response to the E-Space technology has been very positive.”

When Rajaratnam is not traveling for work, she spends time with her family in Singapore, and especially enjoys time with her nieces. She and her husband also have a rescue dog they recently adopted — a mixed-breed she says the locals refer to as a “Singapore special.”


E-Space is a global space company focused on bridging Earth and space with the most sustainable low earth orbit (LEO) network that is expected to reach over one hundred thousand multi-application communication satellites to help businesses and governments securely and affordably access the power of space to solve problems on Earth.