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Toulouse-based recruiter focused on hiring awesome candidates

Andreas Stott has a keen eye for recruiting strong talent. He’s worked in corporate recruitment since he began his career over six years ago  and has now joined E-Space’s Toulouse, France team solely focused on talent acquisition in Europe and the Middle East.

“We have a lot of great positions open both on the technical and business-support sides,” he says. “We’re looking for high-energy professionals who are specialists in their domains, and if someone has space experience – we want to talk to them.”

E-Space recently opened its European headquarters in Toulouse, where the company plans to establish a larger presence.  

“The new headquarters illustrates the company’s commitment to Europe and the increasing level of activity we expect to engage in here,” Andreas says.

What drew Andreas to E-Space? Two things, he says: first, innovation and second, the opportunity to build something from the ground up with colleagues who seek to get it done.

The industry itself is also a draw, he notes.

“You can be part of this amazing venture, where you’re sending objects into space to provide connectivity on Earth, leaving a lasting impact on billions of people. It’s not something you can do in other sectors; it’s a cool industry to be involved with.”

Andreas started in early May and has been impressed by the wealth of strong candidates he’s interviewed.  

“We hear a lot of excitement from candidates for what we’re developing, and it comes from both inside and outside the space community,” he says. “There aren’t a lot of other companies with this kind of bold plan to innovate on this scale, and candidates really respond to that.”

For Andreas, working for a startup appealed to him after stints at places like Meta and Google. Rather than working within long-entrenched policies and procedures at public companies, he says, “Every single person that joins E-Space can have a direct and major impact on the company’s growth and success – without being handcuffed to corporate hierarchy. That’s exciting.”

As he continues to search for talent interested in joining E-Space's mission, Andreas says he’s building on an already well-established plan to hire only the best.

“It’s another thing that drew me to E-Space, the focus on hiring only top talent,” he says. “I really believe that the success of a company is largely based on the quality of the people they hire. At E-Space, we’re looking to hire awesome people – those who seek to go above and beyond expectations, that have a growth mindset and continuously seek opportunities to learn, grow and develop new skills."


E-Space is a global space company focused on bridging Earth and space with the most sustainable low earth orbit (LEO) network that is expected to reach over one hundred thousand multi-application communication satellites to help businesses and governments securely and affordably access the power of space to solve problems on Earth.