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LOS GATOS, Calif., February 22, 2023E-Space, a global space company focused on bridging Earth and space with the world’s most sustainable low Earth orbit (LEO) network, announced today it was awarded a Department of Defense contract to demonstrate unique space system capabilities.

Under this contract, E-Space will actively show novel space-based communications capabilities to the U.S. Space Development Agency (SDA) and U.S. Space Force. This effort will leverage E-Space’s new generation LEO space system.

“We are proud to have been awarded this contract to demonstrate new technical capabilities needed by warfighters globally,” said Greg Wyler, founder and CEO of E-Space. “With our advanced LEO space system, we will enhance situational awareness through extended satellite coverage—when and where it’s needed most.”

About E-Space

E-Space is a global space company bridging Earth and space with the world’s most sustainable low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite network. Focused on making connectivity from space universally accessible, secure and actionable, E-Space is fundamentally changing the design, manufacturing and service delivery associated with legacy LEO systems—all at a fraction of the cost—to enable a new class of ubiquitous, real-time communications, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart-IoT services. The Company's global space-based communications platform is set to connect, track, sense and act on AI-optimized data, gathered from billions of novel E-Space devices deployed planet-wide to help advance humanity, protect the planet and enable smarter business operations. Learn more about E-Space at: and follow the Company on LinkedIn and Instagram.  

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E-Space is a global space company focused on bridging Earth and space with the most sustainable low earth orbit (LEO) network that is expected to reach over one hundred thousand multi-application communication satellites to help businesses and governments securely and affordably access the power of space to solve problems on Earth.