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Jean-Baptiste Djebbari

Jean-Baptiste Djebbari is a former French politician committed to promoting sustainable transport and inclusive policies. His aeronautical experience and interest in innovation led him to play a major role in the future of transport within the French government. Jean-Baptiste was appointed Minister Delegate for Transport (2020—2022) and also served as the former French Secretary of State for Transport (2019—2020). From 2017 to 2019, Jean-Baptiste was a member of the National Assembly, where he represented the second constituency of the Haute-Vienne department. During his political tenure, Jean-Baptiste participated in a number of sustainable transport initiatives, including the development of sustainable aviation fuels, a national cycling infrastructure program and a national rail transport strategy, which focused on sustainable development, accessibility and digitization. In addition to his work on transportation policy, Jean-Baptiste is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in politics and society-at-large.

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