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Chris Torres

Chris Torres is Head of Marketing & Brand at E-Space. He is responsible for expanding E-Space’s leadership in the space and satellite communications sectors, positioning the Company as the new market disruptor in low Earth orbit (LEO). He also oversees the Company’s brand and design language.

Prior to E-Space, Chris was the Head of External Communications at OneWeb, where he led the global marketing and communications team responsible for publicizing the Company’s mission to enable affordable access for everyone. He was responsible for establishing OneWeb’s brand and external position, which drove awareness, growth, investment and adoption of the Company’s LEO services.

Chris’ career has spanned more than a decade of promoting disruptive telecommunications and satellite companies in highly competitive markets. He specializes in showcasing the value that emerging technologies can bring to established markets. He has a unique blend of creative and technical expertise, which will serve E-Space well on its mission to democratize space through affordable, accessible and sustainable space-based communications.

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