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“There’s nothing more rewarding than connecting great people with great opportunities.”

That simple statement sums up how Hayli Thornhill, who leads global talent acquisition at E-Space, approaches her new role. With 20 years of recruiting experience, Thornhill joins a fast-growing team being built around the themes of relentless curiosity and tenacious execution.

Thornhill has a wide variety of experience having recruited for organizations of all sizes — from large public companies to startups. She made the move to E-Space because she believes in what the company stands for: an opportunity to make space accessible, sustainable and safe for all.

“I joined E-Space to be part of a truly revolutionary mission,” she says. “Undeniably, the company is focused on doing what no other space company has done before, breaking through traditional norms with world-class technology and systems that can only be backed by the best in the industry. For our team, we’re looking for change-makers, strategists and those not afraid to challenge the status quo.”

The technology behind the E-Space mission, she says, drives a lot of the excitement around the company.

“Connectivity from space — and where it intersects with engineering, hardware, software, data science and artificial intelligence — is the future. It’s energizing.”

There’s also a sustainability element that appeals to prospective team members, she adds.

“At E-Space, team members have a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the world,” she says. “And while ‘impact’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot, E-Space is different; we’re focused on building something from scratch that will empower end users to have knowledge and actionable intelligence from a space system that protects the future of the domain. This excites candidates who want to be part of a core team that is challenging norms to optimize, and understand, activities on Earth from space.”

Thornhill says the company is looking for all types of individuals to join Team E-Space.  

“We have a flat organization that encourages innovation at every level. And we’re growing at a rapid clip. In just a year, we’ve reached over 130 team members who are inspired by the E-Space mission to democratize space — making it accessible, secure and affordable for all nations, enterprises and communities.”

From a candidate perspective, Thornhill is often the first contact with the company.

“I have an obligation to represent E-Space and share the company’s mission, vision and values,” she says. “I take that responsibility very seriously and I am passionate about what we do. We’re looking for candidates that want to be part of something unique, special and different.”

E-Space is hiring! For more information about the open roles at E-Space – please visit the careers page.

Alex Miller

Alex Miller leads editorial at E-Space. Based in Denver, he's a longtime journalist who's been involved with the satellite industry for over a decade.